Research projects

In 2002, First Nations initiated partnerships with Jessica Ball to study Indigenous child and family wellness and to evaluate early childhood care programs. Since its beginning, Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships has expanded in scope to include studies of older children, early family formation, and fatherhood. The Partnerships Program has also diversified into training and consulting, and extended its reach to many other countries, mainly in the Asia Pacific region.

Research goals

  1. Create Knowledge about Early Childhood Development

    Respond to the pressing need in Canada and in low income countries for principles, protocols, measurement criteria, assessment procedures, and research methods that are anti-oppressive, sensitive to culturally diverse goals for children’s development and family life, and informative for policy reform and program development. ECDIP studies often use mixed methods and participatory research designs.

  2. Strengthen Capacity

    Provide a multi-component, creative, participatory program of research and team-learning environment for students, faculty, and community members. Strengthen their capacities for useful research and build momentum for children, youth, families and communities to improve their quality of life and opportunities to succeed.

About our logo

ECDIP logo
An Original Design by Lou-ann Neel © 2004
“Family” depicts the balance that is created when we embrace, acknowledge, and share the rich traditions and sacred teachings that our respective cultures provide for us.

The Cedar Rope that surrounds the Family represents the connection that Mother, Father, and Children have to Nature. Here, the Cedar Rope flows, transforms and emerges as the sacred Tree of Life, providing everything a family needs.

Within their respective Robes of Power, three abstracts of mythological beings are presented to show the Family’s connection to, and respect for, the creatures of Nature. Raven (Father’s blanket) represents creatures of the Sky Kingdom; Killer whale (Mother’s blanket) represents creatures of the Kingdom Beneath the Sea; and
Supernatural Sculpin (Child’s blanket) represents the creatures of the Spirit World.

The Family, Tree of Life, Cedar Rope, and Three Beings are all connected – as are each of us -- as individuals, as families, as communities, and as Nations.